Saturday, March 8, 2014

Heath IT leadership still doesn't get it

I found this comment by Farzad Mostashari to be quite interesting - and telling of what is going on with Health Information Technology at the moment.

And, therein is the problem. Brian Ahier gets what developers and startups needs. APIs and SDKs. For the life if me, I cannot grasp why the former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology cannot see what is important to startups.

Certifications for an EHR?

Why on Earth would a startup care about that? If you are crazy enough and well funded enough to try and start an EHR from scratch in 2014, perhaps.

But, there is so much going on outside of the EHR world (lets call them EHR work arounds) to solve issues that policy has created within EHRs - that one would be remiss to read mundane details about what people sitting in offices in DC think EHR software needs.

HIT is bigger than EHR vendors.

I do find this all disappointing. This comes a week after Mostashari was at HIMSS and got to see all the technology startups are working on. How they are doing things differently.

If the guy that used to "run HIT" can't see - who can on that level?

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  1. You nailed it. There are precious few people who truly understand the health IT space, the health sector as a whole, and the wireless industry.